Lucas & Lucas
Landscape Architecture




The notion of an integrated approach to design, with land and building as one, designed to create a unified whole is the basis of our work.  It all has to work together!  A strong understanding of the landscape combined with a deep appreciation of architecture leads to the unique solutions that we develop.  Design requires a balance of right and left brained thinking; creativity, sensitivity, and intuition combined with technical skills, analytical abilities and grounded pragmatism.  The dance between these two realms is the art of what we do.  Over reliance on one aspect can throw the equation off, strength in both arenas leads to the best possible expression and outcome.

Great projects don’t happen in isolation, they represent the coming together of a number of key elements, all of which lead to the eventual success of a project.  We believe in beauty but not at the cost of function.  A well-functioning place relies on strong relationships between component parts, between indoors and out.  With smart design, redundancies can be avoided, efficiencies increased and a natural flow developed with spaces that seemingly expand and contract with the tides of use.  A well operating system that easily flows leads to greater enjoyment and functional beauty.   At the end of the day, when our job is done and the place is turned over to the owner for their use and enjoyment, an inherently beautiful project is the gift that we give.  

The L&L logo represents our belief in the fusion of the two realms of land and building as an integrated whole.  It is a powerful symbol for design and a way of living that we embody.

Welcome to Lucas and Lucas.