Lucas & Lucas
Landscape Architecture




As Landscape Architects, we are first and foremost designers; believe it or not we do not build the work that we design.  We love getting our hands dirty to be sure, but we are not landscapers. Many people, once they hear the word Landscape begin to associate with any number of meanings for the word and often don’t hear the other integral component of our title: Architect.  

We, as Landscape Architects and Site Planners develop a vision for your property and a set of architectural plans (construction documents) that convey the ideas on paper that move from big picture layout down to the minutest of details of each constructed element. Much as an Architect might do, we lead you through a very similar process of design and then oversee the construction of our developed plans set. 

We design, locate and specify finishes for any number of elements including swimming pools, fountains, hardscape paving (patios), trails and walkways along with shade structures, walls, fire pits, bocce courts and other outdoor living elements.  We also develop detailed planting plans, irrigation plans and lighting plans that bring greater enjoyment to the outdoors.   

We help our clients find team members for the project (consultants and builders), apply for permits as needed and oversee construction ensuring that the agreed upon construction documents, the contract documents, are built satisfactorily per our intentions.   We act as a third party during this construction administration phase and ensure that you understand what is happening along the way and in the end get what you desire. 

A more in depth look at how we work is described in the Process section of this website.